Bookings Process

The first stage is to get registered as an Applicant here!

Please find the current availability below for our studio flats at herbal hill studios

2020/2021 – Short term bookings are open:

  • Minimum 12 weeks

2021/2022 – Bookings are now being accepted for the below

  • 44 week contract: Friday September 10 2021 – Friday 15 July 2022
  • 51 week contract: Friday September 10 2021 – Friday 02 September 2022


  • Special Cashback offer for September 2021 – Terms and conditions*

Once you have chosen your desired flat type, contract length in weeks and selected your move in date, the team at Herbal Hill will provide you with your contract and a tailored payment table with a break down of the total costs for the stay in your chosen student flat. 

Please note that payment is only acceptable on a quarterly or full rent basis. Bookings require a reservation fee to secure your flat.

Reservation Fee

To securely reserve the studio flat we will require a reservation fee, which is one weeks rent this is non-refundable (after your 48 hour cooling off period). We will then deduct the reservation fee from your first instalment of rental.

Deposit Fee

We require a 2 week security deposit, this deposit is protected by the MyDeposits protection scheme for the duration of your tenancy and retuned after end of tenancy. 

Second thoughts about your booking, we have a 48 hour cooling off period, should you wish to change your mind about your stay at Herbal Hill. We offer a full refund of your reservation fee, as long as the cancellation has been requested via email within the stated time frame.

​We must receive your signed tenancy agreement within 5 working days.

*Terms and conditions:

1. What is the promotion – Get £300 cashback when booking a Platinum Studio and up to £275 cashback when booking any other studio type. 2. How to qualify for the promotion – Minimum 44-week tenancy. You must have created a New Booking for 2021/22 and have checked in to the studio. You must have paid your first rental instalment on/before your check-in date or paid tenancy in full before check-in. 3. The dates the promotion -Expires on 28 February 2021. We may adjust the end date without notifying by conditions. 4. How to claim the promotion once the booking has been completed – If the conditions are met, the amount will be deducted from the second rental instalment.

About Us

Herbal Hill Studios is dedicated to improving the exciting start to university life by offering modern, comfortable and homely accommodation for all students.


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