Cancellation Policy

In this cancellation policy the following defined words shall apply:

Studio: the studio in the accommodation which you have entered into an agreement with us to let

We, us, our: Herbal Hill Studios Limited, who is the landlord of the accommodation

You or your: the person who agrees to let a studio at the accommodation from us

You may cancel the tenancy agreement that you have entered into with us by giving us written notice

of your intention to cancel on the following basis:

  • If your notice of cancellation is received by us in writing within 7 days after you have signed the contract (AST) and the period of the tenancy has not yet commenced, we will make no charge and the initial rental payment of 1 weeks rent will be refunded in full;


  • If your notice of cancellation is received by us 7 days after you have signed the contract (AST) we will not accept cancellation /surrender of your tenancy agreement for the room until a replacement tenant is found for the studio. We shall endeavour to re-let the room however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. You will remain liable to pay the rent for the studio and all other charges and costs under the tenancy agreement for the period to the date that a replacement tenancy for the studio commences.

We reserve the right to charge you a fee in the sum of £50 as a contribution towards our administration costs incurred in dealing with the surrender of the tenancy agreement and the finding of a new tenant.

If a replacement tenant is found for the studio we will release you from your tenancy agreement with effect from the date that the new tenancy agreement for the studio begins.

In the event that you fail to honour your contractual obligations in relation to the payment of rent on the due dates before occupation of room, we may cancel your tenancy agreement by giving you notice in writing of cancellation; In the circumstances we will not repay any advanced payments made to us by you.

In the event that we cancel the tenancy agreement at any time before the occupation of the room by you, we shall give you as much advanced written notice as we can in the circumstances and will repay the initial rental payment to you and any other fees that we have taken from you in

connection with your tenancy.


Please note we have a 48 hour cooling off period, should you wish to change your mind about your stay at Herbal Hill. Where we offer a full refund of your reservation fee, as long as the cancellation has been requested via email within the stated time frame.


If you fail to receive a valid visa for your studies and travel you are able to cancel your agreement 28 days before the start date of the contract by providing notice and evidence via email to cancel your booking, the reservation fee will be non-refundable.

Please note: Once the cooling off period has expired, your reservation fee will become non-refundable

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